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Here you can find every item that has been uploaded on to the website. They are arranged in date order.

Oral Histories

A range of people have been recorded for the Oakhill Community Heritage Project. Their memories are about their lives, events and places that relate to Oakhill. Click on a name below in order to listen to a selection of extracts from that person’s recording.

Title Date Description
Pat talks about her life as a radar operator during the Second World War and as a tortoise breeder in Oakhill. 2013 Interview with Pat Evans. Who talks about Tyneham ghost village and the different types of radar used during the Second World War. As well as Oakhill and her passion for breeding tortoises. Recorded by Laura Brown 19th June 2013. MP3 File. View
Mella Trotter's baby clinic memories 2013 Interview with Mella Trotter, who is a Surbiton resident and has done a lot of volunteering work, including for the Surbiton Baby Clinic and Red Cross. Recorded by Chris Stockbridge 24 June 2013. MP3 File. View
Barbara Hosking's memories of being a Hillcroft student and the path it opened up for her 2013 Interview with Barbara Hosking, who was a student at Hillcroft College from 1951-1952. Recording by Laura Brown 26 June 2013. MP3 File. View
Nancy Vlasto's Memories of Oakhill and her time in Canada 2013 Interview with Nancy Vlasto. Who talks about her time in Oakhill and compares it to her life in inner-city London and also describes her time in Canada. Recorded by Glenis Ward 13th July. MP3 File. View
Michael Wheeler discusses his time at Hillcroft as its first male Principal 2013 Interview with Michael Wheeler. Discussing Hillcroft college and what it was like to be the first male Principal in the college's history. Recorded by Glenis Ward 11th July 2013. MP3 File. View
Pat Stoneham's Memories of Surbiton Hospital 2013 Interview with Pat Stoneham, who was a Modern Matron at Surbiton Hospital. Recording by Glenis Ward 16 July 2013. MP3 File. View
Gillian Coppack's memories of Woodlands Junior School 2013 Interview with Gillian Coppack, who has lived in Surbiton all her life and went to Woodlands Junior School in 1950. Recorded by Laura Brown on 29 July 2013. MP3 File. View
Mavis Cheek's Recollections of Hillcroft College 2013 Interview with Mavis Cheek, a student at Hillcroft College from 1976 to 1978. Recorded by Chris Stockbridge 31 July 2013. MP3 File. View
Audrey Giles, Surbiton Resident 2013 Recording of Audrey Giles and her memories of Oakhill. Recorded by Chris Stockbridge 15 August 2013. MP3 File. View
Mary McNulty's memories of being a Hillcroft Tutor 2013 Interview with Mary McNulty, Hillcroft College tutor 1961 - 1965. Interviewed by Chris Stockbridge 19 August 2013. MP3 File. View