The Gables Ground Floor

Line drawing. Each room is labelled with its use, for example a billiard room, conservatory and laundry room.
Diagram of the The Gables Ground floor (now Hillcroft College). From The Building News 18th May 1877. By architect Roland Plumbe.

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Hillcroft College
It is a large Victorian building, with large bay windows, tall chimneys and three floors.
Mount Coombe
Large Victorian villa with a large lawn and fir trees.
Patients doing sport on The Gables lawn
Black and white photo. The Gables is in the background behind the trees.
Mr Alfred Cooper
Black and white picture of Mr Alfred Cooper, owner of The Gables, Chair of the tea merchants Messrs Ridgway Ltd, and Chairman and Proprietor of the Gardner Gun & Engineering Company
The Gables Hospital
Black and white exterior shot of the Gables Hospital. There are steps up to the front door. There are two floors. There are pointed eaves over the top floor windows. Ivy covers building.