Pat Stoneham's Memories of Surbiton Hospital

Pat Stoneham
Pat grew up in Liverpool and it was there that she trained as a Nurse. She moved to London when she was 31. She was a Modern Matron at Surbiton Hospital until 2006, when the ward she was on closed. At Surbiton Hospital Pat oversaw clinical best practice, carried out staff appraisals, clinical supervision and talked to patients. Pat won the Chairman's Award for the difference she made in the hospital's care regime, by moving to a nurse led unit and implementing the Dignity Policy - she regards the award as something that the whole team should have got, as it was a team effort. As part of the award her and her husband were invited to the Queen’s Garden Party in Buckingham Palace's Gardens. Pat has many fond memories of her time at Surbiton Hospital - caring for patients, celebrating Christmas with the patients and their families, fundraising with the League of Friends, summer garden parties, and of the small hospital feeling like a family. She now works at Tolworth Hospital in the Funded Nursing Care Office as an Assessor, and has now been in nursing for 43 years.
Here Pat talks about the Dignity Policy, the hospital's rooms and gardens, working with the League of Friends and her first memory of Surbiton Hospital. Please click here to listen to the audio.

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