Mary McNulty's memories of being a Hillcroft Tutor

Mary McNulty
Mary Studied at Cambridge and LSE (London School of Economics) read History and did a post grad in social sciences. Mary was resident tutor at Hillcroft 1961-1965. She was 26 at the time, and probably younger than most of the students. Lived in Ashby House on South Bank with 18 students (Hillcroft used to own the building. They sold it and it was knocked down and there are now flats there called Ashby House). She was a tutor in Sociology and History, but when they realised her LSE background she also started to teach sociology and economics. Describes being at Hillcroft as ‘quite an experience’. It had difficult responsibilities, but students were always at the centre of everyone's work. Students took a 1 year course comprising of general education, then they moved on to University or teaching training (usually). Most students were 30 years old and upwards. There were overseas scholarships. Mary was the staff representative on the College’s governing body, c.1964.
Mary Talks about working in Hillcroft, describing both the students and the teachers. Please click here to listen to the audio.

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