Audrey Giles, Surbiton Resident

Audrey Giles
Audrey grew up in Kingston, near the Hawkers aircraft factory. During the Second World War the house opposite them was bombed, and the roof of Audrey’s home collapsed. When 11/12 years old the whole school year (at Tolworth Girls) went for for an x-ray, in order to be checked for TB (tuberculosis). The x-ray building was on Glenbuck Rd, and probably belonged to Surbiton Hospital. On South Bank opposite Hillcroft College there is Bramshot Lodge, which belonged to the Minister of a local Baptist Church (but not the one on Langley Rd). Audrey went there in 1967 and got an A Level, her first, in Religious Studies. Eric, the Minister, and his wife, were ‘local characters’. Audrey has recently finished a PhD in Social Science at Kingston University and is now writing a history book.
Audrey describes her childhood memories of the blitz during the Second World War. Please click here to listen to the audio.

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