Pat talks about her life as a radar operator during the Second World War and as a tortoise breeder in Oakhill.

Pat Evans
Mrs Patricia Evans (Pat) grew up in Near Land’s End, Cornwall before she trained as a RADAR specialist with the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) and was in uniform from 1941-45. After the war, Pat moved to South Africa with her mother for 6 years. She met her husband- a banker with Barclays, who also served in the war with the RAF. Pat, her husband and her baby son moved back to the UK and settled in Tolworth. She had another son, and together with a large garden, she decided to enthuse her love of animals over to her children. However her decision to buy two tortoises was to galvanise her name in the field of tortoise care around the world. With limited information about domesticated Tortoises, she gathered masses of information from observing these creatures and eventually teamed up with a film maker to document aspects of their life-cycle. Her work and efforts caught the attention of experts and other enthusiasts around the world, and she continues to write articles and discuss issues with other tortoise keepers and breeders, as well as vets and zoologists. Her love of knowledge-giving is evident in the output of her work regarding her tortoise work. As well as looking after her family, and documenting her two tortoises over the years, she volunteered in a number of ways in her community from weighing babies at the Baby Clinics to delivering meals for the elderly. Her eldest son was the founder of the St. Matthews Residential Association, and her grandmother owned a hat shop in Kingston in the early 1900’s.
Pat discusses her passion for tortoise breeding since she moved to Surbiton many years ago. Please click here to listen to the audio.
Pat talks about her life as a radar operator during the Second World War. Please click here to listen to the audio.

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