Thomas Pooley lays Surbiton's Foundations

Thomas Pooley plans the construction of over 100 houses, after envisioning a new town ‘Kingston on Railway’ with the railway at the heart of it. He drew up plans and hired the architect, builders and labourers that were to develop roads and buildings, but his vision was met with considerable opposition. By 1842 Pooley was declared bankrupt after Coutts Bank, who lent him the money for his enterprise, refused to lend him more and creditors started to demand that he pay off his debts. Afterwards, Coutts took over the development Pooley started.  



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Surbiton in 1747
Hand drawn map of Surbiton in 1747. There is lots of detail, of fields, flora and roads. The Thames is drawn on the left side of the map.
Hill House
Black and white picture. A large white building with a veranda.
Surbiton Hill House Bricks
Six bricks ll with damage, and much wear and tear from the time. The inscriptions have been carved in to the bricks.
1839 Tithe Map
Line drawing of a map. This map does not give a lot of detail. Plots of land are numbered.
Hillcroft College
It is a large Victorian building, with large bay windows, tall chimneys and three floors.