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Oakhill Heritage Topics of Interest

Select a topic to find out more information about it. Under each topic you will find a list of related research, pictures, documents and oral histories
Topic Description
SurbitonItems that relate to the history of Surbiton as well as the area of OakhillView
ExhibitionFind out about the travelling exhibitions covering the research from the Oakhill Community Heritage Project.View
Surbiton Health CentreSurbiton Health Centre was built on the redeveloped Surbiton Hospital site. It contains several GP Practices and is used for and by the local community. View
Cooper CarsCooper Cars had a site on Langley Road, near the Baptist church, in the 1950s and 1960s. It serviced Formula 1 racing cars, and several customers were well known and famous people. View
The GablesThe Gables was a private residence built in 1877 on South Bank. It is now called Hillcroft College and is a listed buildingView
Community Health CareItems that relate to community health care in the Oakhill areaView
The Baby ClinicsThe Baby Clinics, official name the Voluntary Committee of Surbiton Infant Welfare Centre, was established in 1918. The clinics and its volunteers provided help to mothers and children who were in need. The volunteers were kept on after the NHS was created in 1948, but eventually disbanded in 2005. View
Nature in Oakhill Items that mention or highlight the greenery and nature that can be found within Oakhill and the surrounding area. View
Newlands Nurses' HomeItems about Newlands Nurses' Home.View
Surbiton Hospital Outpatients DepartmentItems about the opening of the Surbiton Hospital Outpatients Department.View
The Wood and the Richard Jefferies Bird SanctuaryThe Wood is to the west of Oakhill, and contains a bird sanctuary named after Richard Jefferies the writer, naturalist and Surbiton residentView
Hillcroft CollegeAbout Hillcroft College, the National Residential College for Women and an educational charityView
The Gables HospitalThe Gables had a private theatre in its grounds and it was turned in to a hospital 1899-1902View
MapsMaps of Oakhill and the surrounding areaView
Sessions HouseSessions House is a listed building in Oakhill, and before it was built the notably large building Hill House was constructed on the same site. View
Surbiton Hill HouseAbout Surbiton Hill House, which was built on what was to be the future site of Surbiton Hospital.View
Famous and notable visitors and Oakhill residentsItems that contain information about famous visitors to Oakhill and notable Oakhill residents (including Royalty and A-List celebs)View
Surbiton HospitalSurbiton Hospital was a cottage hospital in Oakhill, Surbiton, paid for through local subscription and community fundraising. Surbiton hospital formed the centre of a site that was full of community health services. The NHS managed the hospital from 1948 until the hospital's closure and demolition in 2011. The new Surbiton Health Centre and Lime Tree Primary School have since been built on the site. View
Bryant and May's MatchesItems that provide information about the Bryant's, of Bryant and May's Matches, who were Oakhill residentsView
Lime Tree Primary School Lime Tree Primary School combines health and education together so its children are 'Healthy and Happy'. It was built on the redeveloped Surbiton Hospital site, and the building was designed around a lime tree and other flora. View