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  • small racing car, open around the seat, looks a bit like a toy car.
  • Man is suite is stood smiling next to the racing car.
  • Two men pose next to cars. Top left, a small picture of a racing car from 1936.

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Origins of Surbiton 1747 Surbiton started off as small roadside settlement, and its name can probably be linked to Kingston and Kingston's Royal connections. View
Surbiton in 1747 1747 1747 Rocque Map. By this time Surbiton was a small roadside settlement. You can see Hampton Court Palace to the left. Also notice how Surbiton is spelt as 'Surbeton'. View
Hill House 1812 There used to be a building called Hill House where Sessions House now stands on the corner of Ewell Road and Berrylands Road. View
Hill House 1812 This is a picture of Hill House which used to stand on the corner of Ewell Road and Berrylands Road. It was knocked down in the late 1800s and redeveloped for Council use, and Sessions House now stands there. This picture is taken from 'Surbiton Past' by Richard Statham. View
Surbiton Hill House 1826 In 1826 William Walter bought 11 acres of land to the West of Ewell Road, building Surbiton Hill House on what was to be the future site of Surbiton Hospital. View
Surbiton Hill House Bricks 1826 These paving bricks are from the grounds of Surbiton Hill House. The undersides of two of the bricks are stamped with commemorative inscriptions. 'Diamond Jubilee', made to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897 and the second with the partial inscription 'Edward VII Coronation June 1902'. Both are unusual as it is rare to find well dated bricks. Photograph from Oxford Archaeology. View
Queen of the Suburbs 1838 In the 1870s and 1880s estate agents were describing Surbiton as 'Queen of the Suburbs', reflecting its growing popularity as a place to live. View
Thomas Pooley lays Surbiton's Foundations 1839 Thomas Pooley planned the development of Surbiton following the railway coming to town. View
1839 Tithe Map 1839 This map shows the Oakhill area of Surbiton. In the plot of land numbered 1042 you can see Surbiton Hill House. This is also the spot where Surbiton Hospital was to be built in 1934. Running down the centre of the map is Ewell Road. The section running horizontally across the top of the map shows the land marked for the railway. View
Surbiton Improvement Commissioners 1855 Local governance of Surbiton began in 1855 when the Surbiton Improvement Commissioners were established. View
Surbiton's First Hospitals 1870 A brief history about the first two hospitals in Surbiton that preceded Surbiton Hospital. View
Oaklands Baptist Church 1874 In 1874 the Oaklands Baptist Church on Langley Road was opened by the Baptist preacher Rev Charles Haddon Spurgeon, of the Metropolitan Tabernacle. View
The Gables 1877 The Gables on South Bank was built in 1877 for Wilberforce Bryant, of Bryant and May's Matches. View
Hillcroft College 1877 A picture of Hillcroft College taken from the garden. Photograph by Chris Stockbridge. Date: 06/08/2013. Format: Digital View
Richard Jefferies 1877 Richard Jefferies was a writer and a naturalist. He lived at 296 Ewell Road Surbiton from 1877 - 1882, and it was here that he wrote some of his most popular work. This wood carved plaque dedicated to him can be found in Surbiton Library, you will see it to your left as you exit the building. Photograph by Chris Stockbridge. View
Oak Hill Lodge 1880 In 1880 Oak Hill Lodge on Oakhill Grove was built for Arthur Bryant, a timber merchant and the brother of Wilberforce Bryant (of Bryant and May's Matches) who lived in The Gables. View
Mount Coombe 1880 This picture shows Mount Coombe in 1916, 'the largest and best situated hotel in the district'. You can see the deck chairs on the lawn. The building was originally built in 1880 as a private residence and Arthur Charles Bryant, brother of Wilberforce Bryant who lived at The Gables on South Bank and was Chairman of Bryant and May's Matches, lived there with his family. This picture is from Mark Davison's 'Surbiton Memories and More Tales of Old Tolworth and Berrylands', which you should be able to get from you local library or Kingston Archives. View
Sessions House 1901 Built on the site of Hill House, Sessions House was built for Surbiton Urban District Council. It is still a Council building today (Royal Borough of Kingston) and it is a listed building in Oakhill. Photograph by Chris Stockbridge. Date: 06/08/2013. Format: Digital View
Hillcroft College - The Early Years 1920 Hillcroft College was founded in 1920 as a residential college for working women and was based at The Holt in Beckenham, Kent. The College had support from a number of notable people and education enthusiasts, including Thomas Wall (II), Oxford University, a Countess of Portsmouth and even Virginia Woolf. The College students adopted the motto ‘Through Rough Ways to the Stars’. View
Surbiton Library and Fire Station 1931 Both these public services had their foundation stones laid down on the same day - 2nd September 1931. View
Surbiton Fire Station 1931 On 2nd September 1931 the foundation stone for Surbiton Fire Station on Ewell Road was laid down by the Chairman of Surbiton Urban District Council William Sanger. Photograph by Chris Stockbridge. View
Surbiton Library 1931 This picture is of Surbiton Libraray, which was opened in 1931 and is still much used today. It is full of plaques and interesting things - this website displays some of them. Photograph by Chris Stockbridge. View
Fundraising for Surbiton Hospital 1933 A range of activities were organised to raise funds for the new hospital in Surbiton from 1933 - 1936. View
Ewell Road 1936 By 1934 the Library and Fire Station had been built, testament to Surbiton's continued growth and the work of Surbiton Urban District Council. View
Borough of Surbiton 1936 By 1936 Surbiton's population reaches 40,000 and it gains Borough status. The positives of becoming a Borough included the right to appoint a Mayor and enhanced prestige and civic spirit. King Edward VIII granted the Charter of Incorporation, turning Surbiton in to a Municipal Borough, and was one of the few granted during his short reign. View
Surbiton Hospital Just Before it Opens 1936 Picture from the Surrey Comet 25th July 1936. It says underneath the picture 'READY FOR FORMAL OPENING by the Duchess of Gloucester on Tuesday. Surbiton Hospital from the nurses' home.' You can see the chimneys of Hillcroft College in the background. View
Surbiton Railway Station gets a Makeover 1937 Surbiton Station is completely rebuilt by Southern Railway. The building was designed by J Robb Scott in art deco style, and is now a Grade II listed building. View
Surbiton Railway Station 1937 This is a picture of Surbiton Railways station. It was taken in 1955, and is taken from the diary of Katie Farmer who was a student at Hillcroft College from 1955-1956. Ref KX357, held at Kingston Archives. View
Elmside (No 1 Oakhill) 1945 Elmside at 1 Oakhill was a large villa constructed between 1850 and 1855. Before it was demolished to provide space for the newly constructed, Lime Tree Primary School, it adjoined the main Surbiton Hospital grounds next to Newlands Nurses’ Home at 3 Oakhill. View
Hillcroft College - Post War 1945 The College reopened in September 1945, and post-war Britain brought new challenges and opportunities for Hillcroft College. View
Cooper Cars at Langley Road 1957 During the 1950s and 1960s the Cooper Car Company enjoyed success in motor racing and had a site in Langley Road for the 'works Formula One team'. View
Indy Car at Langley Road 1961 It says underneath 'Jack poses with the Indianapolis car outside the Cooper works in Langley Road'. The caption also notes the addition of a rollover bar to the car, a change made for the American market. You can see the Langley Road Baptist Church in the background. From Doug Nye's book 'Cooper Cars' (1983). View
Cooper Cars Garage on Hollyfield Road 1961 You can see Cooper Cars Garage on the left, a very smart looking building. From Doug Nye's book 'Cooper Cars' (1983). View
Indy Car at Langley Road 1961 Picture of an Indy car, stopped on Langley Road, Oakhill. From Doug Nye's book 'Cooper Cars' (1983) View
Surbiton or Kingston on Railway 1986 Surbiton Tourist Plan (1986). Researched by James Pattle for The Surbiton Historical Society to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Surbiton Rotary Club View
Surbiton Health Centre and Lime Tree Primary School 2013 In 2011 Surbiton Hospital was closed and demolished. The site was redeveloped and Surbiton Health Centre and Lime Tree Primary School were built on it. Along the path on the site you will find the Oakhill history timeline. View
Pat talks about her life as a radar operator during the Second World War and as a tortoise breeder in Oakhill. 2013 Interview with Pat Evans. Who talks about Tyneham ghost village and the different types of radar used during the Second World War. As well as Oakhill and her passion for breeding tortoises. Recorded by Laura Brown 19th June 2013. MP3 File. View
Mella Trotter's baby clinic memories 2013 Interview with Mella Trotter, who is a Surbiton resident and has done a lot of volunteering work, including for the Surbiton Baby Clinic and Red Cross. Recorded by Chris Stockbridge 24 June 2013. MP3 File. View
Nancy Vlasto's Memories of Oakhill and her time in Canada 2013 Interview with Nancy Vlasto. Who talks about her time in Oakhill and compares it to her life in inner-city London and also describes her time in Canada. Recorded by Glenis Ward 13th July. MP3 File. View
Michael Wheeler discusses his time at Hillcroft as its first male Principal 2013 Interview with Michael Wheeler. Discussing Hillcroft college and what it was like to be the first male Principal in the college's history. Recorded by Glenis Ward 11th July 2013. MP3 File. View
Gillian Coppack's memories of Woodlands Junior School 2013 Interview with Gillian Coppack, who has lived in Surbiton all her life and went to Woodlands Junior School in 1950. Recorded by Laura Brown on 29 July 2013. MP3 File. View
Surbiton Health Centre 2013 Photograph by Chris Stockbridge. Date: 06/08/2013. Format: Digital View
Audrey Giles, Surbiton Resident 2013 Recording of Audrey Giles and her memories of Oakhill. Recorded by Chris Stockbridge 15 August 2013. MP3 File. View
Stained Glass Window 2013 This beautiful window is in what would have been The Gables' second porch - probably used by children when it was a private residence. It shows a woman dancing underneath a tree. Picture taken by OCHP: 21/08/2013. Format: digital. View
The Oakhill Timeline 2013 The First Heritage project timeline board erected in the Oakhill area. View
The Oakhill Timeline 2013 The First Heritage project timeline board erected in the Oakhill area. View